ex muris

xMR: for Electricity Suppliers

xMR from ex muris provides a cost-effective operations solution for electricity suppliers in Ireland.

We Know Ireland's Retail Electricity Market

We help suppliers enter the market, providing IT systems and operational support to meet business objectives, including assistance in the assurance process.

Simplified Infrastructure

xMR provides an outsourced and automated solution for your EMMA connectivity to ESBn, NIE and SEM to quickly get you up and running. We can also provide costings and customer statement.

Supporting Ireland's Smart Meter Revolution

xMR is ready to process and store half-hourly data so you can provide smart meter based services to your customers whilst complying with data protection obligations as the Release 13 Smart Meter Schema Update comes into operation.

Integration to Suit Your Business

xMR can form the basis for your retail market operations, or can sit alongside your existing systems to provide audit and control functions.

Get in Touch

If you are considering entering Ireland's electricity market or if you are making the transition to smart services, you can benefit from our experience and expertise. Get in touch to evaluate our solution.

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